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Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'

  • Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'
  • Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'
  • Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'
  • Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'
  • Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'
  • Customer Management System - Project 'Stan'

A successful project to replace Sky’s Java based Chordiant contact centre CRM platform with a modern responsive web application. The platform is used by contact centre staff to serve Sky’s 10 million customers and has over 10,000 users. Working with an agile team of talented UX, UI, front-end and system developers the programme went from first cutting code to roll-out in 2 years.

From a UX point of view a fantastic project as we had access to a huge user base, making research and testing much easier than most projects! The user feedback on the finished system has been excellent and for me proves the importance of user centred design, and the value of ongoing user involvement.

My role within the team was to conduct user research to establish use cases, common journeys, current difficulties and then translate these into wireframes and prototypes which would then be passed to a UI designer and the front end dev team. I also conducted ongoing feedback sessions with stakeholders and the users to ensure that the design were useful, and ongoing usability studies to ensure designs were useable.

Finally got Stan today! I love it already so simple to use and not having to confirm everything is making my calls go a lot more smoothly :)
Im loving being able to customise it as well just one little thing I would suggest is photos of Will Smith lots and lots and lots pretty please x

Another bonus I have seen brilliant results from when using STAN is the drastic reduction in AHT, #Everysecondcounts !! My team as a whole had an average handling time during week 12 of 762 (Not ideal I’m sure you’ll agree!!) but if you compare that to the following week (when we were all given access to the new system) our AHT dropped to a below target 664!! Almost 100 seconds improvement on one team’s AHT due to the introduction of a new system? A pretty easy way to improve stats if you ask me!!!

#ilovestan We think it is really good, we love it! the notes is the best part, as you can navigate around accounts whist still on the notes screen, saving time on calls and helping customers :)

Since using Stan, cant imagine going back to Chordiant!! #ILOVESTAN #Goodbye Chordiant i love how it is so simple to navigate

@Stan Its so easy to use. Took to it like a duck to water…..

Stan is has won me over,,was scared to have Stan,,couldnt live without him now :)fabulous:)

I have just started using Stan as of yesterday.. I was scared to begin with as I was not sure how it all worked, but now on my 2nd day using it and I really like it..

Just started on Stan and I’m loving it so far. So easy to use and I love being able to choose a background.

Program designers I personally think you did a great job, Thank you.

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